8 Things to Consider When Finding a Plumber

8 Things to Consider When Finding a Plumber

Finding a plumber to work on your home can be a difficult task. With the wide array of advertisements and services available, it’s easy to leave overwhelmed by all that you’re presented with. Here are some things that you should take into consideration as you choose the right plumber for your needs:

1) Specialization

If you want to find a plumber, make sure the plumbing company is experienced in the areas of work you need done. If you have an older home, hiring a plumber with expertise in traditional homes would be your best bet. Similarly, if you find yourself having problems with drain clogs or other issues caused by modern appliances, it’s important for your plumber to have experience with newer construction.

2) Ask for referrals

If you know anyone who has had plumbing work done recently, inquire to whom they went. Chances are good that the word of mouth method will yield better results than running an advertisement or doing random cold calls. This way; you can find out if their experience was a positive one, and if the work was completed promptly and expertly.

3) Availability

If you need a plumber immediately, it’s important that they have someone available to come out right away. You don’t want to wait days or even hours for assistance in a plumbing emergency, so be sure to ask about availability when contacting a company. If an emergency is not possible, be sure to ask how long the wait time would typically be.

4) Insurance and Licensing

Contractors who work on your home must have insurance and licensing in order for their employees to do so as well. Not only does this ensure that you’re hiring a professional, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that someone is qualified to do the work you’re paying for.

5) Price

Hiring someone to do plumbing work can often be expensive, and you don’t want to overpay for the help. When trying to find a plumber, be sure that their rates fall within your budgeting capabilities. If they’re too expensive (or even too cheap), look at reviews or ask for another quote before making a final decision.

6) Accessibility

In addition to availability, physical location is also important. If you need a plumber as soon as possible, make sure someone can come out right away. You don’t want it taking hours or days for someone to arrive and fix your plumbing problem. Make sure they’re in close proximity to your home before hiring them.

7) Customer reviews

If you’re still unsure about who to hire after reading previous tips, look up reviews for the company in question. This is often a good way to find out what kind of service you can expect and how professional their employees are. Speaking with recent clients or looking at online reviews will provide insight into what your experience might be like should you choose to hire them.

8) Services provided

While it’s important for a plumber to specialize in the specific type of work they do, it isn’t all that they can fix. If you need help with problems such as electrical, heating, or any other area of expertise, make sure to ask about what kind of work they do in addition to pluming.


Finding a plumber can be difficult, but by using these tips you’ll have an easier time of it. From the type of specializations they have to availability and price, finding someone who fits your needs is crucial.