Boarding Schools and Long-Distance Communication

Parents who worry that they will miss their kids if they send them to boarding school should keep in mind that things have really changed over the years. Enrolling kids in boarding school used to have different consequences for everyone involved, even though a boarding school education was generally worth it.
Many parents would write letters to their children, but they would not be able to interact with them directly. In many cases, it was not even possible for them to call their children every day. Their kids would have to pay for phone calls individually, and the students would have to compete with other students for phone time.
These days, families just won’t have to worry about any of that. Kids will be able to call their parents on their smartphones. Schools vary when it comes to their smartphone policies, but kids will still usually be able to easily contact their parents on a regular basis. Video calls are very common today. Many people will be able to use this technology to communicate face to face, or at least it will seem like that.
Lots of boarding schools encourage parents to visit their kids relatively frequently, and they have a lot of events for parents. The administrators of boarding schools are well aware of the fact that students will often feel nervous about living independently at first. They know that parents can have a difficult time with this process as well. Most school officials want to make everything easier for everyone involved with the process.
Parents will eventually have to get used to this sort of thing, since adult children will often live far away from their parents. When they enroll their children in boarding school, parents will get used to this sort of long-distance communication.