Boarding Schools

Are boarding schools a good option for your child? In the past boarding schools were the only alternative for parents who wanted their children to get good results that would enable them to further their education but today there are other options. There are many day schools that offer a high quality of education and as a parent you may be wondering where your child will fare better.
Boarding schools are still an excellent way for your child to get an education. In the UK there are boarding schools that take children of all ages and many of them come highly recommended. They come with several benefits that you will not normally find in day schools. The first is the elimination of the daily commute. Have you ever thought about what commuting to and from school does to your child every day? Not only do they have to wake up earlier than they should, they also have to endure what could possibly be hours of traffic. Think about how you normally feel when you are sitting in traffic – does your child feel any different? They may not show any outward signs of stress, but it is not the healthiest way for a child to spend their time.
The other benefit of boarding school, especially for older children is the fact that they are able to better focus on their studies. When your child is at home there are all sorts of distractions. If you have a big family there will be a lot of comings and goings t all times. There are distractions from TV and video games, not to mention phones and friends who want to keep in touch at all times. In boarding schools these things are restricted so your child can concentrate on their studies.
The Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies is a good place for you to start your enquiries into boarding schools.