Joinery Cambridge

The plans for remodelling your Cambridge home require that you hire a joinery expert only when you looked it up you discovered that there are lots and lots of them in the area. Like with any other contractor who will be working on your remodel you cannot afford to take any chances – you want to hire only the best. While there are many joiners in the city not all of them deliver as promised. In order to hire a good joiner there are several things you should be on the lookout for.
The first and possibly most important is experience. It takes years to learn how to be an expert joiner. Most people learn on the job by shadowing older professionals, but there are joinery schools that impart the necessary skills. You should find out how long a joiner has been in business before you hire them. You should also find out where they operate out of. A good joiner will have an office where you can reach him. He may cost you more than the guy who goes around in his pick-up truck, but in case there are problems you will know where you can track him down.
Another quality of a good joiner is that he will be willing to show you projects that he has worked on in the past. He will have a portfolio as well as provide references. Make sure you talk to these homeowners in order to find out whether they were happy with the services provided.
Good joiners provide all materials that are needed for the job, but you should be careful to check where they are getting supplies from. There are some who source cheap materials in order to cut costs but this only means that your joinery project will have to be repeated sooner or later.
Try Salmons Bros. Ltd – they are one of the best joiners in Cambridge as you will see on