Paddock Roller UK

If you are new to paddock management you may be wondering whether you need to invest in a paddock roller – it is an expensive piece of equipment and if you don’t really need it there is no need to spend money on it. Paddock rolling is a controversial subject. There are many who maintain that it has downsides and if it can be helped it shouldn’t be done at all. The fact is it all depends of the kind of problems that your paddock is facing. You will have to walk around your paddocks and then consider whether the following benefits of paddock rolling are for you:
•    Paddock rolling is an excellent way to push rocks and debris further into the soil. Why is this important? It makes it much easier to work paddocks. When you are using paddock machinery you don’t want to have rocks on the ground – not only do you risk ruining your equipment, the job also takes longer.
•     If you have sections of your paddocks that are bare and you have replanted them you may notice that the grass isn’t growing uniformly. This is because the soil wasn’t uniform in the first place. If you use a paddock roller before you plant you flatten the area and increase contact between seeds and soil thus encouraging uniform growth.
•    A paddock roller will help aerate the soil, which promotes better grass growth.
As mentioned earlier, paddock rollers are expensive and you may not be interested in buying one just yet. You can, however, rent one from time to time when it is needed. There are companies that specialize in renting out paddock equipment – look online to see whether there are any in your area.
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