Private Audiology Clinics

If your child has developed hearing problems you want to get them help as soon as possible. Your first stop will likely be your paediatrician and they will refer you to the NHS for hearing aids. While this is a viable option there is one thing that you need to know – the NHS is backed up and it takes a long time to see a specialist. Your child may have to wait for months before they can get the assistance that they need and during that time their hearing will only worsen.
You should take this seriously – the tender years are very important. Children learn how to cope with their environment, how to interact with others and many other things and if they are not able to hear it can set them back a great deal. A good paediatrician may refer you to the NHS for hearing aids but they will also tell you that it may be a better idea to get your aids from a private practitioner. These cost money that you may have to pay out of pocket (if you don’t have insurance) but it means that your child will be able to get back to living life normally as soon as possible.
When many people hear about private audiologists they assume that they will have to part with thousands of pounds to get the help that they need. This is no true. A good audiologist can help you for a few hundred pounds – you will get consultation, a series of tests to determine the damage to your hearing as well as the hearing aid themselves. They will also tell you about different coping mechanisms that you can use to make life easier.
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