Regular Aircon services and their benefits

What are regular Aircon services?

These are the scheduled maintenance work done in your air-conditioner to ensure that it works just like when you first bought it. After a certain period, the effects of wear and tear start to show on your aircon system, whether it’s a split or a window unit. Problems such as leaking coolant, frozen coils, and dirt accumulation may cause your system not to function correctly, which can lead up to an unwelcome breakdown during the high usage season.

When this happens, there’s no other option but to contact the service team from your brand dealer for urgent repairs. This can be pretty expensive, especially if you encounter problems near summertime when numerous customer requests aircon servicing and repairs. Experts explain that regular Aircon maintenance services are crucial to the long life of your Air-conditioner. Regular Aircon servicing can reduce energy costs by 30% or more due to less power needed for cooling. Every Aircon unit has a built-in control board, which senses pressure level changes and automatically adjusts settings according to the required room temperature. Over time, this mechanism is bound to break down or become faulty.

Air conditioners work most efficiently when serviced annually by an expert technician who understands how it works. By letting them inspect your system first, they will identify signs of wear and tear on specific parts of your system, such as coils, condensers, fan motors, etc. The Air service team will remove any foreign objects in the Air conditioning system.

Air conditioning systems work by pushing cool outside air through the Aircon unit, and this process makes it a breeding ground for bacteria, leaves, and dirt, which can easily cause problems such as mold growth. Air conditioner coils are located at the back of your Aircon unit behind a metal grille or access door. Air conditioners work by cooling specific air with their coils while the fan motor blows out warm air, usually released outside. Still, if not correctly maintained, stale air from the room may get mixed up with this cold air causing mold on walls if moisture gets into your home. Good Aircon maintenance services, therefore, ensure that you not only keep pollutants from destroying your health but also check for oil leakage.

Air conditioner condensers are located where you have your Aircon unit installed. Air conditioners work by heating the air, which is cooled down once it passes through the Air conditioning system. This allows water vapor to turn into liquid causing Aircon units to leak coolant if not correctly maintained regularly. Regular Aircon services are critical for Air Conditioner maintenance because they can extend its life by 6 to 10 years or more 6th months, depending on the model and brand of your Air-conditioner. It also ensures that your Aircon stays working efficiently throughout these many years of use, ensuring that you save both time and money in the long run.

Proper Aircon servicing ensures you get more out of your purchased product because it is highly recommended by Aircon manufacturers’ lead times. Air conditioning systems are designed to last up to 7 years, but lead times Air-conditioning technology changes so rapidly that Air conditioner parts often fail long before this lifespan. This means you have to buy replacements now and then. Replacing these Aircon parts extra could end up costing you even more because the cost of labor and shipping and handling may add fee on top of your Aircon repair bill. Aircon repair services require special tools and diagnostic equipment, which only Aircon servicing technicians carry in their inventories while some brands.