Sash Window Restoration

You have opted to acquire an old Victorian property and restore it rather than buy a new one that would cost you much more. One of the projects that you will have to undertake is sash window restoration. Sash windows are an important feature of Victorian properties and you should not replace them with any other window design – they will help your new property retain its authenticity. Sash window restoration is not something to be taken lightly – the windows of your property contribute a significant part to its overall appearance, so restorations should be done with ultimate care.
The first step is to find out what kinds of repairs are needed. You should inspect every window for damage and make notes. If the property is a very old one that hasn’t seen repairs for some time some of the windows may have suffered rot and may requite complete replacement. Some, however, may only require just a few touch-ups and they will look as good as new.
With the notes that you have made you can begin your search for sash window restoration experts who specialize with the kind of damage that needs to be dealt with. You should be especially diligent with this step – not all sash window restorers are able to deal with extensive damage. You should be looking for a company that specializes in repairing windows in particularly old homes.
Ask them to explain their process – what will they do and what materials will they use? Also, what steps will they take to ensure that your new windows last as long as possible? Sash windows, if properly installed and maintained, can last a long time, so make sure that you get a proper guarantee.
For those in the Cambridge area Salmons Bros. Limited comes highly recommended – they are sash window restoration experts who can give a new lease of life to even the oldest windows.