Sixth Form Open Day

The time is nearing for your teenager to go off to sixth form and you have to decide which school is best for them. This is not an easy decision to make – if you choose the wrong school your child could fail or worse, and they may end up as unsuccessful young adults. Finding the right school for A levels is not very hard if you approach the process strategically. There are many A level colleges in the UK and although many of them are able to help students get into university they don’t all offer a good learning environment.
As much as you care about academics it is also important to make sure that your child goes off to a school where they are comfortable living and learning. The class sizes should be small enough so that teachers are able to give one on one attention when it is required. The school should also have qualified support staff, including a pastoral figure that can guide students at this sensitive time of their life. There shouldn’t be a history of bullying, and the school should have a zero tolerance policy towards it.
Where your child lives is also important. Find out what kind of living arrangements the school has. In some, the dorms are located on campus while on others they are not. There are even some where you have to make private living arrangements. Whatever the set-up it is important to make sure that your child is safe and supervised at all times and that they are able to get to and from their classes with ease.
As you plan sixth form open day tours we recommend that you add the Cambridge Centre of Sixth Form Studies to your list. It is one of the best colleges for your child to get your A levels.