Things to consider when buying round flow cassette Daikin

Daikin is one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioning units around. If you’re in the market for a new system, consider these seven things before buying round flow cassette Daikin.

1) Make sure it’s round flow cassette friendly

They make round flow cassette models, but be very wary when your installer tries to pull one out of their bag. There are certain models which only allow the cassettes to fit in an extremely specific manner. If this isn’t followed, there might be damage to either the cassette or even more worryingly to other parts. Daikin recommends that you get their advice at point-of-sale before installation begins, too – trying to get replacements are often much easier said than done!

2) The warranty doesn’t cover everything

There are a few exclusions in the warranty, so you must know exactly what isn’t covered. For example, if there is damage to the cassette from poor installation, the warranty won’t cover this. This is why Daikin recommends that you get their advice before buying round flow cassette Daikin too.

3) Energy ratings vary between models

Just because they’re all master units doesn’t mean they have similar energy ratings; they vary quite a bit! So make sure you choose one which has enough power for your needs and not more than necessary. Also, consider how much extra capacity you might need in future years – remember, it often pays to buy for tomorrow rather than today with air conditioning.

4) Ensure it’s water and energy-efficient.

It doesn’t end with the energy rating: Daikin ensures that all models are water and energy-efficient, which is great for helping to protect the environment. This can be an advantage in taxation, too, so make sure you factor this into your calculations when doing budgets for a replacement air conditioning system.

5) They keep innovating

Daikin isn’t content with just creating a one-size-fits-all product – they constantly innovate new generations of their air conditioning units with many different features. For example, there are now models with WiFi built-in, allowing you to control them from anywhere in the world. There are also more environmentally friendly options which try to use less electricity.

6) It’s easy to get installation help

From the outset, Daikin has a great network of installers, which means that you shouldn’t have too many problems getting hold of decent installation. This is why it’s usually best not to go for an installer who isn’t part of the program – it might save some money initially, but later on, down the line, you’ll need support! However, if there are any problems, they can usually either solve them quickly on-site or by giving good advice on maintenance and future replacement parts.

7) They have good customer service

Finally, if you have any problem with your Daikin air conditioning unit, there are several customer service options available. They may or may not direct you back to your installer, depending on what the problem is, but it’s certainly worth a try! It’s usually best to start with the installer after all, but sometimes they might not be able to help, and it might be worth calling up Daikin directly.

Daiki air conditioning units are of great quality and great value for money – make sure you consider these seven points before purchasing round flow cassette Daikin.