Uses for Masking Tape That Will Make Your Life Easier.

Masking tape is strong, durable, and reasonably priced. It has a strong adhesive that holds firmly to most surfaces while easily removable without leaving behind unsightly marks. Tapes like this are available at hardware stores, home stores (like Lowe’s or Home Depot), and general retailers like Wal-Mart or Target.

Masking Tape Uses

Lay down strips of blue painters’ tape to act as barriers to protect areas around the spill – do not let it cross over onto clean flooring.

Temporary Hinge Marker

Use blue painters’ tape in addition to your regular hinge marker if you have multiple hinges to label.

Food Covering

Cover a bowl or plate with a strip of solid masking tape to keep food fresh for longer in the fridge, and it will be easier to remove because strong masking tape is more vital than most plastic wrap. You can also use strong masking tape as an easy-to-remove lid for your Tupperware containers that you do not want sliding around at the bottom of your bag during transit.

Stencil Shapes With Letters

Position strong masking tape sticky side up on your desk or work surface before writing letters or numbers on it with washable markers so that if they start running when water is placed over them (for cleaning purposes), you can pull up one robust and sticky tape and write a new letter on it.

Binder Cover Clips

Put strong masking tape over the clip portion of binder clips to prevent them from accidentally opening up and spilling out all your papers! When you need to use the binder clip again, pull the strong masking tape off of it.

Temporary Tablecloth Holes

Suppose you have a vital masking tape roll with a cutter blade built into it. In that case, you can cut strips of strong masking tape as temporary tablecloth replacements for when people accidentally rip or spill on your cloth picnic/party tablecloths. Keep some strong masking tape in your party supplies stash next time you go to a gathering so that everything goes as smoothly as planned.

Crayon Marks on Walls

Take strong masking tape and press it over crayon marks on your walls. Wait until the crayon gets soft enough that you can just rub it off the wall with solid masking tape. The intense video will not leave any residue on your walls, but be aware of what kind of paint you have because some vital colors may get scratched up by strong masking tape if they are too sensitive. Also, make sure your kids don’t touch their mouth or hands after rubbing against the wall – crayons are poisonous to them.

Monitor Display Cleaner

Use strong masking tape to clean dust or dirt (or anything else gross!) off your monitor or television screen. Sometimes strong monitor cleaners get streaks that you cannot see, and strong masking tape will not get any of them.

Desk Fan Cleaner

Use strong masking tape to clean out the grates of your desk fan. You may need a small pair of wire cutters or strong scissors to cut strong masking tape down to size so it can fit in between all the tiny spaces in your design – but this also means it is strong enough to get deep inside without destroying anything, which is why strong paper towels will not work unless they are made from one piece of material with no gaps at the seams where dust bunnies like to hide (and if they do have such seams, then you should use strong masking tape instead).