What Makes the Watson W8681 Pro Weather Station Stand Out

Professional weather stations are requirements of all homes, offices, commercial, outdoors and other types of spaces. These provide users with a brief idea about the past, current, and forecasted weather. While looking out for professional weather station it’s always best to go with the best one with the most useful features and positive feedback from customers.

Before selection a home weather station you need to consider a lot of things. Firstly, you have to sort out some features according to the priority, and then you can have a priority for each before you decide on the one that works well for you.

A few features can include Programmable warnings, Simple installation, mobile app display, direct connection for PC, solar-powered sensors, direct internet connection, etc.

One such Weather station that can be considered by almost anyone is the Watson weather station W8681. The all in one weather station is perfect for accuracy, performance, and versatility. Here we are going to discuss why it’s better to go with this amazing weather station.

Use and Setup

The Watson W8181 is quite a high-end model that is available with 2 separate wireless sensor modules with independent placement (these aren’t linked with other cheaper quality cable like any other model).

With this, you can also position humidity sensor and get placement in the wall with ideal position and the rain and wind gauge module while being a little higher than usual and it is exposed to different elements.

With that station, you get a transmission range of 150m and this passes through walls for reaching receiving console. The receiving console is available with a single power and doesn’t have any direct PC connection. The console can easily link well with your own Wifi networks and directly uploads data on weather sites.

Features of Watson W8681 Professional Wifi Weather Station

This weather station is fully featured at its price point while it only lacks an ultraviolet sensor. This console is quite attractive and is easily controllable with the help of large visible screen buttons. The screen is quite bright and can be read simply without much effort.

Some features in brief:

Records indoor and outdoor temperature with readings for min and max temperatureRecords wind direction with speed as well.Provides humidity for inside and outsideRainfall recordingForecastingRecords Barometric pressureHas USB and Wifi connection featureThe Watson weather station W8681 – Pro is available with Separate and solar-powered sensors with programmable warningsIt also measures wind gusts, dew point, barometric pressure, wind chill, humidity and rainfallThe weather station is available with a mobile application of its own

The weather station has a good layout, but a few improvements can be made for sure. The charting is available for main console that displays humidity and temperature, pressure and all this is available only for cheaper variants. The actual sensor module becomes quite nice to touch with additional temperature display and humidity.

You can easily sink data through Wifi networks and can also view detailed website reports. If you require raw analysis data for PC then the best thing is to have your data copied through memory cards of weather stations.

With the aforementioned features and ease of use, the Watson weather station W8681 Pro becomes a really well-performing upper mid-range weather station. The product’s sensor separation is quite nice when compared with Wifi connectivity. While some people may think of a better layout for display, the same one can be preferred for ease of functionality.