Open tread staircase designs

Which Open Tread Staircases Are Suited for Home Installation?

Today, you’ll realize that a staircase gives you more than the means to move from one floor to another. It also acts as the showcase feature of your modern home. So, a creatively designed staircase gives your house an attractive presentation. The open tread staircase designs are the best suited for home fitting due to their modernish and elegant appeal.

About the Staircases

From their name, the open tread staircases are not characterized by risers. Instead, they are open to let you to view the rest of your home interior as you walk up or down. Stable treads are fixed between stringers, and you can opt for balustrades if you like it. The open tread staircase designs feature materials like wood, glass, and steel. Nonetheless, wood is the most used because it’s cheaper to install. Moreover, the material easily blends with a majority of home decors. Currently, the most popular open tread staircases for home installations are:

  • Straight staircases: These open tread designs are suited for the home interior. The treads are either painted or given an MDF finish. The design is modified to suit the elegance of your home.
  • Cut-string staircases: These open tread designs are suited for homes with hallways due to their elegant look. The staircases are clearly visible and may be given the finish that complements your home d├ęcor. Therefore, they are a great decoration leading to the lobby.
  • Winder staircases: If your building requires some extra staircase reinforcement, these are the open tread staircases for you. The designs are not only lovely but they are also secure.

Looking at the open tread staircases, the designs are undoubtedly great for the contemporary home. They are attractive and easy to fit and thus a great investment. If you need to have the staircases installed, you count on experts at Salmons Bros UK to help you.