App PR

You have what you think is a great idea for an app, but have you stopped to ask yourself how you will monetize it? Apps are everywhere you look – they are being created every minute of every day, and if you want yours to have any chance of success you need to come with a marketing strategy. There are many PR companies that claim that they can market apps, but when it comes down to it they are not very effective. Creating an app takes lots of time and money and if you want to recoup both you need to work with the best. There are certain qualities that you should be looking for.

The first question that you should ask any agencies that you are talking to is what apps they have marketed in the past, and what their rate of success was. A company may be keen to give you a list of apps that they have successfully marketed, but what they may not provide you with is a list of all the ones that they have failed to bring to market. It is important for you to see both – it will tell you what their success rate is.

The type of apps that they have worked with in the past also matters. There are many different app categories out there, and you need to find an agency that has experience with the kind of app that you have in mind. If, for example, a company has a great track record marketing apps that are used in classrooms, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will do well with an app for financial markets. These two apps markets are completely different and require different marketing strategies.

If you talk to many app creators they will tell you that they made one crucial mistake – they found a company that could market their app, but they signed a contract without thinking much about it. Before you sign any contracts, regardless of how minor they may seem, it is important to have a lawyer read it over. Find out what your obligations are, as well as the obligations of the marketing agency. You should be especially careful when it comes to contracts that deal with remuneration.

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