Weeds on cricket square

Practical Ways of Removing Stubborn Weeds on Cricket Square
When weeds invade a cricket square, the pitch appears unsightly and unplayable. You will need a perfect weed control solution if you want to enjoy playing cricket on the invaded pitch. Other than messing up the field, the weeds may interfere with the growth of the grass on the pitch. You will need an input from a professional weed controller. The expert will determine if the weeds are persistent and recommend the most effective approach. If you are in the UK, you should ask for expert advice from Pro Ground Care. They boast of years of experience in managing different cricket squares and the most popular one is Buckden Cricket Club. They will help you observe the following weed control practices:
1. Plucking the Stubborn Weeds
This approach is very effective when you notice the first signs of weeds on cricket square. You’ll need to use your hands to uproot the weeds before they grow and spread. To do this, you should wear rubber gloves so as to protect your fingernails and skin from the poisonous weeds. Though this method is tedious, it’s effective in permanent removal of stubborn weeds.
2. Selective Chemical Spray
There are chemicals on the market that are weed-specific. They will not attack the grass of the cricket pitch-only the non-beneficial plants will be attacked. The chemicals are usually sprayed directly to the leaf surfaces of the weeds and they get distributed to other parts. In the long run, the weeds die and the grass of the cricket square stays healthy and attractive.
If the weed population on your cricket square is small, the most practical way to remove the threats is hand plucking. However, if the population is high, you should go for chemical means. This is what the experts at Pro Ground Care advise.