How to Use Scrim Tape For Your Home décor

Scrim tape is a handy little piece of home decor, but it doesn’t get much use. It’s not exactly functional, but who’s looking for that? But what if you could have a fun and functional way to hang pictures and art without permanently damaging the wall? Well, you’re in luck! Scrim tape is a must-have for any home décor fan because it can be used for so many different things. You can use it to hang pictures, fix door and window problems, and even as a tabletop decoration. Here are several ways you can use scrim tape for your home interior:


Art is a wonderful way to decorate the walls of your home. Whether you choose to decorate your home with portraits, landscapes, or any other art style, you’re bound to find a home in this wall art. Hanging pictures with handmade canvas letters is easy to create a personalized feel for your home. You can add decorative items such as candles and plant pots to further personalize the room.


If a piece of furniture or art gets broken or chipped while you’re away on vacation, there’s no time like the present to fix it. You can use various things to temporarily repair wall damage, like this easy and cheap DIY project. You need a handy dandy level, a hammer, and some metal twine. The hammering might take a little practice when you’re done twining, but it’s doable.


Hanging pictures is a quick and easy way to add a bit of décor to a wall. If you have a wall with a low sloped ceiling, you may consider adding some additional decoration to make the picture look more like a painting. Adding a simple rope of lights or candles will help tie the picture together and give the wall a more “painted” look. If you’re thinking about adding a few pictures to the wall, here’s how to add a few without damaging the wall.


If you’re missing your light switch cover or want to turn a dark room into a wall decoration, this is your project. You can easily decorate a room without using the items you already have lying around. Don’t be afraid to go overboard with the lights and decorations. This is a fun and easy way to use up leftover lights and decorations from previous projects.


If you have a small table that could use a little love, this is the project for you. Simply line the entire table with a border of decorative tape, and you’ve got yourself a wall decoration. If you opt to line the table with lights, you can use the lights to hang your pictures or light up your table with candles. This is a great project for a recent college grad looking for a hobby. It’s easy and cheap and requires almost no planning or decorations.


Scrim tape is a handy little piece of home decor that’s not exactly functional, but who’s looking for that? Scrim tape is a must-have for any home décor fan because it can be used for so many different things. But what if you could have a fun and functional way to hang pictures and art without permanently damaging the wall? Well, you’re in luck.

The Best Mobile breathing Rate Sensor Brands

These days, everyone is obsessed with breath tracking and analysing their own health. From athletes to parents struggling to stay active to students who want to monitor their health, the world of breath tracking has become one that is filled with options. So where do you start? As a trained technician, it’s easy for me to understand why anyone would want to buy the best mobile breathing rate sensor. Not only are these devices used for a variety of purposes, but they also have many benefits that can only be described as amazing. Here’s why you should consider getting the best mobile breathing rate sensor in your market:


Now that we’ve gone over why you should consider getting the best mobile breathing rate sensor in your market, let’s get on to the best reasons why you should get your device. We start with the fact that pregnant women tend to have higher rates of breathing issues than people who aren’t pregnant. For this reason, it’s important that you have a device that can help you know if your child is breathing in or out. When your child isn’t breathing in, it’s usual for him or her to become very anxious or frustrated. If this is the case, you may want to consider getting a device that can help you know if they are actually in there. Breathing rate monitors are helpful in this situation because they will be able to tell you when your child is actually breathing in and out.


One of the things you’ll notice about most breath monitors is that you can check your own breath after a while. Some of them will actually send a message to your brain that you’re having longer periods of silence than you actually are. This is great because it will help you to understand why you’re having longer periods of silence than you actually need to. This is especially important during periods of stress because it can stress your brain even more. Another thing to keep in mind is that your breathing rate will likely depend on the surroundings. For example, if you are sitting in a car, your breathing rate will likely increase as you cruise the traffic. If you are in the middle of a field or a sports stadium, your breathing rate will likely increase as you remain still and exposed to the scenery.


It doesn’t matter if you are a parent, a patient, or a student; as long as you are confident in your ability to detect when your child is taking a short break, you should consider getting your device. The most useful aspect of having a device like this is that you can check your own breath after a while. You may not be aware that you have been taking a short break, but your device will be able to tell you so. If you notice that your breathing is significantly lower than it should be, or you see racing or sputtering breaths, these indicate that you may need to take a short break. You can also check your own breath with a non-invasive device like a pressure wave saw or an oxygen sensor.


As we’ve already said, having a good mobile breathing rate sensor is an added bonus for those who want to stay active. It’s also important to note that not all mobile breath rate sensors are created equally. Some are very accurate, while others are less so. This is because different people have different needs and preferences when it comes to what they need. To make the most of your device, you need to decide what you need it for and get clear on what you want it to do. If you have questions or problems with your device, you can always purchase a professional Certification or Advanced Training program to learn more about how to use your device the right way.


So, you’ve gathered all the information you need to buy the best mobile breathing rate sensor in your market. Now it’s over to you to decide which of these devices you want to use. Make sure you read the reviews carefully before deciding which one you want to purchase. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully when setting up your device. Finally, make sure you take some deep breaths before hitting “play” and start exploring the many benefits of getting the best mobile breathing rate sensor in your market.

What are the benefits of local independent financial advisers


Do you know how to build wealth for the long-term? Local independent financial advisers can help.

Local independent financial advisers serve clientele of every type, from individuals seeking help in saving for retirement to small businesses seeking advice on how to grow their business. They are often capable of providing the best advice on finances and investing because they’re fully depersonalized and aren’t affiliated with banks or other institutions. Furthermore, they have no affiliation with any one person or institution, meaning that they can provide comprehensive advice regardless of who is placing the order. Below are the many benefits of working with local independent financial advisers.

  1. Inexpensive advice

Local independent financial advisers offer unbiased advice and don’t take any commissions from selling products. As a result, their rates are cheaper than those of banks, insurance agents and other institutions. Moreover, they are also able to provide free financial planning through every service they provide because they earn no commission on such services.

  1. Accessibility and convenience

Local independent financial advisers can take care of all your financial needs, and they can do it quickly and efficiently. They can provide advice on all types of financial issues on a one-on-one basis, which means they’re able to get to know you before providing any advice. On top of that, they have no affiliation with banks or other institutions, ensuring that you will never be blocked from accessing your money while working with an independent financial adviser.

  1. Tax-efficient investment advice

People who use independent financial advisers benefit from their expertise on tax-efficient investments. By working with someone who is expert on this subject, you can make better use of your money and reduce your overall tax burden. In addition, by making the right investments, you’re able to protect your money from inflation.

  1. Personalized recommendations

When you choose to work with an independent financial adviser, you’ll be able to get a personal recommendation. By working with someone who knows your situation well, you can get an even more comprehensive understanding of your financial needs and pick the right investments to make. You can then make use of those investments to allow you to reach your goals and build wealth for the long term.

  1. Experience and expertise

Independent financial advisers have a great deal of experience in this field. This experience enables them to provide comprehensive advice and make good decisions. As a result, they can help many people who don’t have the time or expertise to get such advice.

  1. Financial planning

Financial planning is the most important step people can take to help them reach their financial goals. In order to do this, however, you need to know what your goals are. Local independent financial advisers are often good at helping clients identify their goals and then provide expert advice on how best to reach them.

The above are the many benefits of working with local independent financial advisers. If you need help building wealth for the long term, don’t be afraid to call a friend and get expert advice.

A Guide to Buying a Custom Guitar: Everything You Need To Know

When you think of buying a custom guitar, chances are you think of something with a lot of personality, zany inlays, and something that’s really going to hook you. Maybe you think of something with a lot of bling, or maybe you think of something with a lot of undertones of darkness. Whatever your thoughts are about custom guitars, you’re probably not thinking of macmull. But why should you? Okay, so you might not be thinking of custom guitars as a whole, but macmull is. macmull is a custom guitar manufacturer based in the U.K. that designs guitars that are unique, stand-out, and play to the strengths of each brand. There’s a reason why so many musicians choose macmull over other custom guitar makers. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about buying a custom guitar from macmull.

What is a Custom Guitar?

A custom guitar is a guitar that has been designed to suit your specific tastes and needs. It can have any design you want, but the general consensus among musicians is that it should be something that’s unique and playable.

Why Buy a Custom Guitar?

If you’re just starting out with your musical career and want to buy a custom guitar, it might seem daunting. That’s why it’s so important to make a decision that is right for you. On the other hand, if you have some experience with the guitar industry and know what you want, buying a custom guitar from macmull is the way to go. There are many benefits of buying a custom guitar from macmull. Let’s look at three ways. 1) Custom guitars can become works of art 2) Custom guitars are unique and stands out from other guitars 3) You can personalize your guitar to create an emotional connection with your audience

Different Types of Custom Guitars

There is no one type of custom guitar. Rather than trying to create a “one size fits all” solution, macmull designs guitars that are built around the customer’s individual tastes and needs. Whether you’re looking for something that can be used in your band, or something that you can use at home as a practice instrument, macmull has the perfect custom guitar for you. Here are some of the most popular types of custom guitar: – Acoustic Guitars – Electric Guitars – Bass Guitars – Acoustic/Electric – Banjo – Mandolin – Ukulele

How much does a custom guitar cost?

First of all, let’s talk about how much a custom guitar costs. A custom guitar from macmull starts at £2,000, which is equivalent to $3,500. That’s a lot of money for a guitar, so you want to make sure that you know what you’ll be getting for your money. That said, this price is just the case if you order the standard model. If you buy a special edition or limited edition guitar from macmull, the price can go up by several thousand pounds.

Is buying a custom guitar worth it?

If you’re thinking about buying a custom guitar, you may be asking yourself is it worth the investment. Will it be something that will make your playing better or give you an edge over other musicians? The answer to these questions is es,’ but it depends on your goals. If your primary goal is to play well and have a cool-looking guitar, then investing in a custom guitar will help you with both of those things. But if your main goal is to play music and make money from your music, then it might not be worth it. For example, macmull guitars are more expensive than normal guitars because they are built to perform better. So if someone wants to buy one for the sake of playing music and making money from their music, then it might not be worth it for them.

How to contact St Francis college

So you’ve applied to college and you’re making your way through the lengthy process of applying? Congratulations on taking that monumental first step towards a brighter future! We’re here to help make it as easy as possible for you by providing step-by-step instructions on how to contact our admissions office.

Step 1: Navigate to our website and click on the Contact Us link. This will navigate you to a page where you fill out all of your personal information. On the next page, there is a detailed check list of your contact information and other items that need to be completed in order for us to complete your application. If you have everything filled out, we can proceed with contacting our admissions office and getting your application processed.

Step 2: Contact our admissions office-Once all of the required items are checked, click on the submit button at the bottom of the form. A new page will appear in which you will receive a confirmation number, which indicates that we have received your form. Continue with this process until you are directed to contact our admissions office using the email or phone number that is provided. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or our admissions department at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

The college operates three campuses: the main campus in Hertford; Centre of Excellence in Ware, Hertfordshire; and a new sixth form centre at St Albans, which opened in September 2013. It also has bases in Harlow, North East London and North West London.

The college has been awarded the status of a Centre of Excellence (CoE) by the Department for Education and Skills. This recognizes the outstanding achievements of academic, vocational and personal development of students.

Step 3: Send us an email-Once you get to this stage, you will be asked to contact our admissions office by email or phone. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, feel free to email [email protected] or [email protected] and we will be able to assist you.

Step 4 :Confirmation of application-Once you have contacted us, we will look into your application and contact you shortly to let you know if acceptance has been achieved. We will not send final admission until all reviews and assessment criteria have been completed. Once all items are complete, we will contact you to inform you that your application has been successful!

It is a popular misconception that applicants can gain admission before completing their GCSEs. In fact, the college does not accept applications prior to completion of GCSE examinations.

St Francis College offers a wide range of subjects at all Key Stages (KS3 and KS4). The college currently offers some over one hundred different A-levels, with varying combinations of subjects offered, whereas the International Baccalaureate is also offered at Key Stage 5. For 2010 entry, approximately 75% of students are taking three or more A/AS levels and 3% are taking two or more IGCSEs.

Tenant eviction in the UK – What to Expect and How to Do It

Tenant eviction in the UK is a common scenario for landlords in the UK. It’s a situation where a tenant who has been living in the property for a certain period of time (usually 3 months) is no longer allowed to stay. This happens when the landlord feels that they have had enough time to get to know the tenant and that they are no longer suitable for the property. To evict a tenant, landlords typically have to give them at least 14 days’ notice and provide them with an opportunity to try and find another apartment. If they choose not to leave, the tenant can be arrested and held in jail until their case is finalised.


When you get eviction notice, it will likely say something like “The tenant is no longer welcome in the property.” This usually means that the tenant has not been living in the property long enough to be a part of the landlord’s community and should be removed from the property as soon as possible. You will also see notices telling you that the rent is due and that you have 14 days to pay it or face eviction. If you do not have any money to pay the rent, you will probably be asked to leave the property. It’s important to know what to expect and how to do it in order to make sure that you are safe and can leave without any problems.


If you are the tenant of a property in the UK and you feel that you have been treated unfairly by the landlord, you can take a few steps to get out of the situation.

You can try and talk to the landlord about your situation. If that doesn’t work, or if the landlord is not willing to listen, you can contact an attorney. An attorney can help you navigate through the eviction process and may be able to help find another apartment or find a way to keep your tenancy.


If you feel that you have been unlawfully evicted or are facing eviction, there are a few things to keep in mind for tenant eviction service:

  • You should apply for a restraining order against your landlord. This will help to stop them from taking any actions that would make it difficult for you to stay in the property.
  • Make sure that you have all of your important documents with you. This includes your lease, key cards, identification, and other important information required to stay in the property. If you can’t find those documents or if they’re missing, the landlord has likely taken them without warning or authorization.
  • Be prepared for the situation to get physical. The landlord may try to force their way into the property and take whatever they need from the tenant.
  • Don’t be afraid to call 911 if something seems unsafe or if there is an emergency in the property.

If necessary, you may need to use force to stop the eviction process from happening.


Eviction can be a difficult and costly situation for tenants, and there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re facing it. First and foremost, be prepared for the immediate aftermath of your eviction. You may have to leave your property, and your landlord may have to evict you. Be sure to have all of your belongings ready and organized so that you can get started on your new life. Next, make sure you understand your rights in the situation. If you don’t have a lease, you may be able to stay in the property while you find another one. If you do have a lease, be sure to get it terminated and sign a new one before you go to court. And finally, always remember that you have the right to appeal any decision made by your landlord.

How to Buy Masking Liquid for Windows?

Tapes and adhesives have been used for a long time to mask undesirable areas. People use them to cover imperfections on walls, doors, and windows. However, most of the adhesives and tapes leave their marks, giving an unsightly appearance to the overall area. So, is there a way to sort out this problem? Of course! Masking liquid for windows is an ideal solution. Liquid masks can be easily applied on any surface. Plus, they’ve strong adhesion and leave no residue. Best of all, you can apply them in small corners areas where taping isn’t an option. However, the key lies in choosing the right product.

Tips to buy masking liquid for Windows

When it comes to buying liquid masks, many buyers demonstrate desperation. They don’t do any legwork and head over to a nearby store. The store owner understands the pain point of the buyer and provides a costly item or a substandard product. Both situations are highly undesirable. It’s better to shop wisely to avoid getting exploited. Here’s a checklist that might help you with your shopping tenure.

Jot down your specifics

The choice of the right masking liquid begins with some labor on your end. Figure out your needs meticulously. Decide the amount of liquid you want. How many windows do you wish to mask? Do you want to cover a bigger area? All such considerations ease the hassles when shopping around.

Seek information

Many people, after enlisting their specifics, rushed to a nearby store. However, they fail to pick the right item. Why? Just knowing your requirements won’t help out. You should be familiar with the available masking options. So, seek information from offline and online sources. Ask folks in your touch and relations about masking liquid for windows. Those familiar with the product will provide the necessary details. Also, check online portals for information. A simple query will return you details concerning the product description and its average price.

Set the budget

At this point, you know what type of product you want and the average pricing. However, the prices of no two items are alike. You’ll come across cheaply-priced items and high-end products. So, formulate your budget carefully. Find the highs and lows of the budget. A properly-planned purchase will let you make the best out of your money. Plus, it’ll avoid impulsive decisions.

Check repeatable outlets

Many vendors are keen on making huge profits. They hardly bother about customer satisfaction. If you buy masking liquid from any such outlet, you’ll repent later. Always check reputed stores with a proven track record. Firstly, make a checklist of respected venues in and around your place. Explore web-based portals and offline sources to compile the list. Go through reviews about these shops and trim down the list accordingly.

Shop wisely

Compare the quality, variety, and rates at each reputed outlet. Check their shipping and replacement terms. Also, find out how they respond to your queries and grievances. Finally, settle with the vendor that provides high-quality masking liquid for windows on a budget.

An extraordinary school education by St. Francis college

Do you want to send your daughter to a good school so she can have a successful future? If so, you may want to consider St. Francis College in Hertfordshire for a variety of reasons. This is a world-class educational institution with decades of expertise in education. The institution’s accomplishments are magnificent and mind-boggling. This institution educates pupils in a way that combines contemporary and traditional principles. Each female student is closely watched to ensure that she has a good future. The college’s excellent value-based education strengthens the abilities and talents of female students. Students may learn freely and without limitations. To oversee each student, the college administration adheres to strict criteria.

A quality school for your kid

St. Francis College is a girls’ private school that offers both day and boarding options. Yes, if necessary, your child can select the boarding feature. On the whole, each child is recruited based on his or her level of interest. Strict quality standards and good teaching methods in the classroom help children develop cognitively. Not only are students well-trained in their studies, but they are also well-trained in all extracurricular activities. Students are prepared for admission exams. For the entrance examination, a particular teacher is assigned to prepare pupils for success. As a result, the school has reached several milestones in its educational existence.

Superb classroom sessions

The classroom sessions are run in the manner of a college system. Yes, each student is assigned a topic to discuss with their classmates. Interactions and conversations in the classroom help students to expand their knowledge and abilities. Students are permitted to mix with one another and debate any topic they like under the supervision of a mentor. The students’ questions and concerns, as well as the college administration’s, are addressed at that time. Students are free to share their thoughts on any issue with the college administration.

Fantastic boarding facilities

Boarding facilities are available to female pupils beginning at the age of six. The lodging facilities provided by St. Francis College are excellent. The college’s world-class facilities and features raise students’ hopes even higher. During their stay, students are given several opportunities to be exposed to various challenges and activities. This is done to boost the kids’ confidence and morale. As a result, the students develop fully inside the institution and are prepared to confront any challenges in life.

Alumni meeting

Every year, current college students are given the opportunity to meet their senior counterparts who have graduated. This alumni gathering is held each year by the college administration in order to better the students who are currently pursuing the development of their exposure and knowledge of the outside world. During the alumni meeting, senior students exchanged various views and experiences they had had outside of the classroom. This meeting allows current students to learn about the problems they will face once they complete their education. As a result, individuals must become psychologically prepared before completing their education.

st francis college contact

You can contact the college management for your girl kid’s admission over the phone or in person.

Uses for Masking Tape That Will Make Your Life Easier.

Masking tape is strong, durable, and reasonably priced. It has a strong adhesive that holds firmly to most surfaces while easily removable without leaving behind unsightly marks. Tapes like this are available at hardware stores, home stores (like Lowe’s or Home Depot), and general retailers like Wal-Mart or Target.

Masking Tape Uses

Lay down strips of blue painters’ tape to act as barriers to protect areas around the spill – do not let it cross over onto clean flooring.

Temporary Hinge Marker

Use blue painters’ tape in addition to your regular hinge marker if you have multiple hinges to label.

Food Covering

Cover a bowl or plate with a strip of solid masking tape to keep food fresh for longer in the fridge, and it will be easier to remove because strong masking tape is more vital than most plastic wrap. You can also use strong masking tape as an easy-to-remove lid for your Tupperware containers that you do not want sliding around at the bottom of your bag during transit.

Stencil Shapes With Letters

Position strong masking tape sticky side up on your desk or work surface before writing letters or numbers on it with washable markers so that if they start running when water is placed over them (for cleaning purposes), you can pull up one robust and sticky tape and write a new letter on it.

Binder Cover Clips

Put strong masking tape over the clip portion of binder clips to prevent them from accidentally opening up and spilling out all your papers! When you need to use the binder clip again, pull the strong masking tape off of it.

Temporary Tablecloth Holes

Suppose you have a vital masking tape roll with a cutter blade built into it. In that case, you can cut strips of strong masking tape as temporary tablecloth replacements for when people accidentally rip or spill on your cloth picnic/party tablecloths. Keep some strong masking tape in your party supplies stash next time you go to a gathering so that everything goes as smoothly as planned.

Crayon Marks on Walls

Take strong masking tape and press it over crayon marks on your walls. Wait until the crayon gets soft enough that you can just rub it off the wall with solid masking tape. The intense video will not leave any residue on your walls, but be aware of what kind of paint you have because some vital colors may get scratched up by strong masking tape if they are too sensitive. Also, make sure your kids don’t touch their mouth or hands after rubbing against the wall – crayons are poisonous to them.

Monitor Display Cleaner

Use strong masking tape to clean dust or dirt (or anything else gross!) off your monitor or television screen. Sometimes strong monitor cleaners get streaks that you cannot see, and strong masking tape will not get any of them.

Desk Fan Cleaner

Use strong masking tape to clean out the grates of your desk fan. You may need a small pair of wire cutters or strong scissors to cut strong masking tape down to size so it can fit in between all the tiny spaces in your design – but this also means it is strong enough to get deep inside without destroying anything, which is why strong paper towels will not work unless they are made from one piece of material with no gaps at the seams where dust bunnies like to hide (and if they do have such seams, then you should use strong masking tape instead).

Matchless Avalon 30 Review: An Amplifier with Premium Performance

Amplifiers can be hit or miss. Some put out the best audio quality, while others can leave you feeling disappointed. If you are the type to expect crisp and clear sound, then this Matchless Avalon 30 Review may introduce you to your new best friend.


The Avalon 30 comes from the same family as the DC30, an amplifier model associated with the legendary Jimmy Page. Many guitarists probably owe their first memories of falling in love with a guitar to Jimmy, and his equipment was always top-notch. Other guitarists, like Jeff Martin, Adam Franklin, and Bob Dylan, all used the DC30, trusting Matchless with their skills.

Since those days, the Matchless catalog has expanded to include some newer models. The new ones promise to pack the same punch but keep up with the competition. And while there are some other brands that try to rip off Matchless, nothing beats the real thing. Their amplifiers provide output like no other, and it shows in the Avalon 30.


The Avalon 30 features premium-looking cabs, complete with intricate styling. The wiring is durable, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing. Overall, the amplifier looks and feels like a high-end model. But besides that, it gives users the performance of a true rockstar. The Avalon 30 renders a distortion that is so full and is almost on par with classic amplifiers from Marshall and Fender.

In addition, the Avalon 30 was also crafted using Matchless’ new construction method, which is a hybrid process that mixes point-to-point wires, impeccable circuit tracing, and unique turret-like construction. Matchless’ choice of parts, even the transformers, is the same with their heavy-duty traditional amplifiers. Every part was handmade in their Los Angeles factory, so you can be sure that it will last a long time.

The clean of the Avalon 30 is also bright, distinct, and fresh. If you take excellent care of it, the amplifier will probably still look new in ten years. Even with its lower EQ, the overall sound just comes out gorgeous. There is even a solid amount of timbre and texture, an impressive feat considering that the EQ is a bit on the subdued side.

Those who have more stringent requirements in an amplifier will be proud to know that it puts out 30 watts. You can even dial it back to 15 watts, thanks to the power of its EL84 tubes. The feel of the amplifier is perfect for just about any guitar player, and it looks amazing on display.


The Matchless Avalon 30 has an impressive set of specs. Together, these parts allow the amp to give out a clean, clear, and versatile sound. The 3-D tones sound vivid and unique, even with the more affordable price.

The specs are as follows:


  • 30 Watts, with the option to turn down to 15 Watts


  • 1 channel


  • Standard On and Off
  • Standby Switch
  • Hi-Lo Switch
  • 3 Position Rotary
  • Impedance Switch


  • 4 tubes of EL84


  • 3 tubes of 12AX7


  • 5 tubes of 12AX7


  • 1 tube of 5AR4


  • Hi and Lo Input
  • Volume control
  • Bass control
  • Treble control
  • Cut Push and Pull for the Master Volume
  • 2 Speakers for Output
  • Effect Loop


  • Impedance switch with options of 4, 8, and 16 ohms.


  • 40 lbs
  • 21 3/8” x 11 ¼” x 9” 21 3/8” x 11 ¼” x 11 ¼”

The Matchless Avalon 30 is available at The Renegade Guitar Co . for £2,295.