A Review Of Tom Anderson Arc Angel

Many guitar aficionados know that when it comes to replacement parts, nobody can beat Dave Schecter. He made high class products that made it possible for guitar owners to customize and improve their stock guitars. Schecter used to work with a talented young man named Tom Anderson. Together, they made some of the finest guitars in the market. But after seven years with Schecter, Anderson went his own wat with the blessings of his mentor of course. He started making bodies, necks, and pickups until he eventually created his own guitars. He has been making fine guitars for more than 30 years already. One of his latest creations is the Arc Angel. This article is about Tom Anderson Arc Angel.

Tom Anderson Arc Angel was developed from the ground up. It’s a 24-fretter Drop Top Classic with a full two-octave complement. What you need to know about this guitar is that each of its components is optimized so it won’t lose the essence of being a 24-fret guitar. This is a necessary procedure because you can’t throw an entire guitar’s geometry out of kilter by tacking two frets to turn a 22-fret instrument into a 24. So what Anderson did was to rebalance the dimensions of the body to put the pickups in the perfect spot so it can extract the best possible sounds. To have total access, Anderson also deepened the cutaways.

Tom Anderson is known for his innovative designs. At first glance, his creations seem like a mere a redesign of the classic three-pickup double-cut that originated in California. But a closer look would reveal that there are more things going on in an Anderson guitar. One of the most popular Anderson innovations is the drop top design. It doesn’t only look good. It’s also more efficient when it comes to using wood. And that’s important to know in this day and age of environmental awareness and conservation. It’ll make you feel good that you’re doing your part in saving the earth while playing music.

The Arc Angel weighs a measly 7lbs. So lugging it around and playing it definitely won’t strain your neck and shoulders. What many guitar players love about this instrument is that all of its components seem to be on the right place. Nothing is protruding or is on the way. Indeed, it’s a delight to handle and to play. You sure won’t be able to keep your fingers from exploring the tapered neck. As far as sound is concerned, it can be compared to the Fender Strat and Gibson Les Paul. The sound of the Arc Angel is just a little brighter than the Strat, which is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it’s actually very pleasant.

The only disadvantage of the Tom Anderson Arc Angel is a the price. With a price tag of £3,695 it’s a very expensive guitar. But it does offer tremendous value. And if you’re familiar with the creations of Tom Anderson, you know that all of his guitars are worth it.