Glass balustrade

Glass Balustrade Installations and Services
Windoor UK specializes in stylish enhancements for any balcony or building project. This includes trendy and contemporary glass balustrades, which are uniform and consistent in design. These open or modified enclosures offer residents their own personal outside space. With high-end components for railing and glass, you get aesthetically-pleasing visuals with a practical, open balcony solution. We also specialize in partial or closed balustrade enclosures for pools, Jacuzzis, and even indoor room dividers.
Balconies that Enhance any Residential or Commercial Project
As your premier balcony and glass balustrade installers, we have successfully installed balconies for countless home and business owners across the UK. In fact, our signature WinRail is installed with a proven track record of success. Whether for new homes, remodels or offices, our open balcony systems continue to be heralded for stunning visuals and contemporary use. In fact, we can install balcony solutions in public areas as well. This includes communal walkways, along with rooftop terraces. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule a complimentary consultation and receive a free estimate.
Windoor Balconies – A Great Investment
All balcony features and glass balustrades are made of the highest quality, durable materials. These are pre-fabricated in our factory, which ensures optimal consistency and quality of our system across the entire project. We also monitor each installation job from start to finish, while ensuring all aspects comply with building regulations. This makes Windoor balconies a wise investment – one that will continue to deliver for years to come.
Our balustrade balconies are energy efficient, cost-effective and perfect for families that want private yet open spaces. Whether for new homes, remodels, or commercial projects, Windoor UK is committed to excellence in all services. For more information on glass balustrade services, simply contact us today or visit: