Sixth Form England

Will your child get any particular advantages if they attend sixth form in England? You want them to be able to get into an Ivy League university and you have heard that one way to do that is to get them enrolled in a private school in the UK. It is true that the country is home to some of the best sixth form schools in the world. Students who attend these schools stand a better chance of joining an Ivy League school than other.
There are several things you should be aware of though. The first is that these schools are not cheap. You need to prepare your finances because you will pay tens of thousands of pounds every year, and that is in fees alone. There will be added expenses such as travel, excursions, living allowances and so on. It is recommended that you plan for the long term so that there is no risk of your child having to drop out because you cannot afford the fees.
The other thing you should know is that coming from a foreign country your child might experience quite the culture shock. You can prepare them by getting them to learn about different parts of England and their culture and language. You can also allow them to come a few months before the term starts so that they can get familiar with their surroundings.
Lastly, your child will be required to sit an entrance exam, so they should prepare for it. The best thing to do is hire a tutor – they are available online, as well as materials that they can use for revision.
One of the best schools for foreign sixth form students is the Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies. You can find out more on their website,